Boost Your Remote Team Productivity by 75%

What is REMO?

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Chat with your co-workers without any schedule. Have your watercoolers anytime.

Flexibility for Working Alone or Collaborating on Team Projects

Increase your remote team productivity by 75% with REMO today

Build Meaningful Relationships

Show your real-time status and control your availability to your team as you want.

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Reduction in Miscommunication

Increase in Team Productivity

Increase in Employee Engagement




All functions for free. No limit.

All functions for free. No limit.

A Visual Office Map to Show Everyone status

An All-in-one Communication Hub

A 2nd Home for Your Remote Team

REMO makes your remote team as productive as working physically together

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All functions for free. No limit.

How It Works

Log into your team's space whenever you start to work. 

Set your availability status on your avatar and know what your teammates are doing.

Talk to your coworkers instantly or ask for a meeting just by walking into their room

Turn on your video chat to improve communication between you and your teammates

Frictionless Communication

Talk instantly to your remote co-workers in the same room. Reduce hassle to wait and get on a call.

Enhance your self-expression in video chat and create strong bonds with your teammates.

Grow Team Culture

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