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Why is the engagement so low on my account? - Riotly Social Media - We Grow Your Instagram Exposure

Why is the engagement so low on my account?

By April 10, 2018Performance

Your account may have low engagement due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. The photos on your account may not resonate with your target market. This may cause them to respond poorly to your feed.

2. Your captions may lack a solid call to action. Low engagement may occur if your photos are of high quality but your captions lack the ability to encourage followers to engage with your content. Please read this article about how to write engaging captions.

3. The initial targeting you requested may not be the best fit for your account. Please contact us to change your targeting.

4. Your account may have been “shadow banned”. Click here to check if your account is shadow banned.

5. Your account may have attracted a large number of low-engaging followers. If your account shows a large following but low engagement, your exposure will be affected. You may consider removing followers. If you wish to do so in bulk, please kindly contact our Customer Happiness team.

6. If you are interested specifically in increasing engagement, we have a plan that is tailored to engagement through prolonged interaction with your target. Please contact our Customer Happiness team for further details.