Why is my account growth slow?

By April 10, 2018Performance

Your account could be growing slowly due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. Your account is less than 3 months old. Due to the nature of Instagram, the activity that we will perform will be lower than more established accounts.

2. Your target may be too narrow. If you feel as if this may be the issue, please contact us and we will assist you in broadening your target. Meanwhile, please re-fillĀ this questionnaire to adjust your target.

3. The initial targeting you requested may not be the best fit for your account. Please contact us to change your targeting.

4. We may be performing an unfollowing campaign. We run an unfollowing campaign every 1-2 weeks to reduce the number of accounts you follow. When this happens, your follower increase rate will be affected and may cause slowed growth for 3-6 days.

5. The photos on your account may not resonate with your target market. This may cause them to respond poorly to your feed.

6. Not enough activity is being performed. Consider purchasing a higher plan.