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How to Write the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses - Riotly Social Media

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Instagram is the place you want to be if you’re interested in establishing reciprocal connections. By giving clients an interactive link on your profile, you can use your established connections to attract interested people to your company’s web page. Obviously, it is necessary that your posts are relevant to the image you want users to associate with your business. So make sure you keep your Instagram account original, engaging and appealing.

A very smart move is also to engage your audience. One of the ways you can do that is creating a hashtag your followers could use when they are posting photos of your company and products. Of course, once the wheels are in motion you can comment on those photos and also post them to your account.

The Significance of Having The Best Instagram Bio

The reason why lots of social media experts will highlight the significance of having the best Instagram bio for business is that there is limited space to capture someone’s attention. A profile bio is the first thing people see when they access an account.

Our intention is to give you some tips on how you can make a great Instagram profile that will establish a powerful first connection, clarifying what your business does and persuading online visitors to follow you instantly.

Remember that you can easily have a good Instagram bio which will translate what your business does and how a possible client can find you. Yet, a very good Instagram profile will exhibit the company’s personality and will automatically prompt the customer to get involved.


Instagram Bio Components

The components that create an Instagram bio reveal to users what your business is about and what to expect from your company. Use a couple of tricks to make your profile emerge. Don’t forget – link a website.

  • Profile Photo: make sure your profile photo is appealing and pertinent to your company. We all know that a picture can tell a story just as well as a lot of written words. So why not be clever and do that using the images from your Instagram account.
  • Username and Name: the way other accounts can tag you is finding your username on the profile page. Your username and name are accessible in the Instagram search field, so write them without mistakes.
  • Bio: it is very important to sum up your company in 150 characters trying at the same time to attract possible clients. To convey some quality substance you can always get help from the essay writing services. But if you want to do it yourself you can read some short literature sample to get all the inspiration you need.

how to write instagram bio demo

Call-to-Action Buttons

There is no doubt that the most important part of an Instagram account is the CTA. Recently, Instagram improved Business Accounts by adding additional links so you can actually free up space in the bio. However, these CTA buttons can be found only in the app view for the moment.

  • Email – Entering an email address will generate an Email button on the profile. When users click on the Email button, the app will suggest them to open the mail app on their phone.
  • Directions – When customers click on this button, it will prompt them to a map app on their phone.
  • Call – Adding a phone number is just another way to display your contact information on your business profile and the easiest way for a customer to call your company directly.
  • Homepage – A possible client who wants to see a product will click on the link to the store’s homepage. However, due to his comprehensive extent of the homepage, the user might get confused.
  • Landing Page – This could be a dedicated page for Instagram-only users or an inner page to direct users to a product or category.
  • Social Shopping Page – This is usually the page with products featured on your Instagram page. Users can buy the products directly from this social shopping page.



A decent Instagram bio precisely clarifies what your business is and what you do. So if you need to emerge for specific expertise, calling, side interest, or intrigue, you ought to incorporate subtle elements in your Instagram bio. Consider what separates you from your rivals and accentuate that. We also recommend trailing your profile analytics and the traffic you could send to your website. Be as courageous as you can to play with the outlook and structure of your bio. Instagram is a network that allows you to be playful and that actually is a great opportunity to highlight your business with more personality. Taking into consideration the tips provided there is nothing stopping you now to create the best Instagram bio for your business.


Author’s Bio

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Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer for EliteEssayWriters. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.