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How to Tag Products on Instagram - Riotly Social Media

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In March of 2018, Instagram released its new shoppable feature to the public. This relatively new Instagram update allows IG business accounts to sell their products directly on the app itself.

No longer are brands limited to advertising products on social media as two-dimensional images. Using Instagram product tags, brands can provide detailed information on their products directly to their followers. Instagram product tags also make it simple to link users directly to where they can purchase the product.

Essentially, Instagram is cutting out the middleman (Google) when it comes to shopping online. With that in mind, let’s talk about how to tag products on Instagram.

Instagram Product Tags

Shopping Products on Instagram

Instagram product tags allow businesses to advertise their products in their posts. Essentially, the new feature allows users to create a visual storefront on Instagram for people to view and buy their stuff.

Any user can tap on a tagged post and be directed to pricing and details, or link to a page where the product can be purchased.

The photo on the right, taken from the @jackthreads Instagram page, shows what an Instagram product tag looks like in a user’s feed.

Click on this product tag and you’ll be directed to a new page displaying more information on the product.

Instagram Product Tags

Shown in the photo on the left, this page includes a detailed description of the product, pricing, and a “view on website” button. This button takes users directly to a shopping cart where they can instantly purchase the product.

Pretty cool, right? Now that we know what Instagram product tags are, let’s talk about how to set them up.

How to tag a product on Instagram

First, you’ll need an Instagram business account that primarily sells physical goods. Here are the steps and requirements for creating one:

Step 1: Create a Facebook business page

First, you must create a Facebook business page. This is the only way to change your Instagram to a business account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into Instagram and go to your profile page.
  2. Open Settings, located at the top right hand of your Instagram page:
    How to Tag Products on Instagram

    Click on “Settings”

  3. On the next page, scroll down until you see “switch to business profile:”
    How to Tag Products on Instagram

    “Switch to Business Profile”

  4. Click through the promo slideshow until you get a prompt to connect to Facebook. Select “choose a page” and set the page to “public.”
    How to Tag products on Instagram

    Set the Page to Public

  5. Press ok
  6. Next, Instagram will ask for permission to manage your FB pages. Look through the list of FB business pages you’ve already created, and select the one you wish to use.
    To finish your profile, enter the email, phone number and address for your business.
  7. Click done and go to your profile. A new graph icon should appear at the top of the Instagram app. This is the insights page, where you can keep track of promotions and engagement statistics.

Step 2: Create a Facebook catalog

Once you have completed steps 1 through 7, you must create a Facebook catalog to be associated with your Instagram. There are two ways to do this:

Option A: Add a shop section to your Facebook page. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Facebook business Page, click the Shop tab. If you don’t see the Shop tab, you can change your Page template to the “shopping template:”How to tag a product on Instagram
  2. Click “Set up Shop” and agree to the Merchant Terms:Set up Shop Section for Instagram Product Tags
  3. Enter your business address and click “next.”
  4. Choose your currency and enter the email address associated with your business page, then click “next.” This currency will apply to all your products and can’t be changed unless you delete your shop and create a new one.
  5. Add your state tax registration number for every state you have a business presence in. Click “finish.”
  6. Add products to your shop.

Option B: Use a catalog on Business Manager

  1. From your Business Manager account, create a new catalog or identify an existing catalog you’d like to use with shopping on Instagram.Instagram Product Tags
  2. Once you have done this, you will need to wait for your catalog to be approved before you can begin selling your products on Instagram, which may take a couple of days.
  3. Next, you need to turn on product tags.Instagram product tags

Step 3: Add product tags or stickers on Instagram

Product tags or stickers will allow you to display information about your products and allow users to find your store more easily.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Instagram business profile.
  2. Click the ellipsis (…) or gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click “shopping” under business settings.
  4. Click “continue.”
  5. Select the product catalog you want to use with shopping on Instagram.
  6. Click “done.”

That’s it! Your business profile is now set up to tag products in posts and stories on Instagram.

Why can’t I tag products on Instagram?

If for some reason you can’t tag products on Instagram, walk yourself through the following checklist. Do you have…

  • An active Facebook business page?
  • A Facebook business catalog created?
  • An Instagram business page associated with your Facebook business page?
  • Product tags and stickers turned “on” in your Instagram settings?

If you’ve said no to any of these questions, go back and re-read the instructions! You cannot tag products on Instagram until all of the steps above are complete and you can answer yes to all four questions.

How to use Instagram product tags for maximum growth

If you’re just getting started selling your own products on Instagram, hashtags are your best friend. Utilize longer, niche-specific hashtags to help your posts get seen by your target market. For the best hashtags per industry, read our 2019 Ultimate Hashtags for Instagram Cheat Sheet.

Avoid using too many generic and high-profile hashtags. If your brand is still growing its presence on Instagram, you’ll run the risk of your posts getting lost in the mix.

The best hashtags for growing your business in 2019

Here’s a pro tip. If you’re having trouble getting your posts seen, hashtag-related events are great for increasing your brand’s discoverability. Also known as social media holidays, these hashtags events are great for reaching a larger audience. For a list of hashtag holidays for every day this year, check out our downloadable 2019 calendar here.

Final Thoughts

If you have your own business website or e-store, don’t forget to promote it on your page in other ways. Here are some ideas for how to do this:

Add your website’s URL to your Instagram bio. Create posts that call attention to and promote your website. If your products aren’t selling immediately, here’s a great tactic for incentivizing users to visit your website:

Use Instagram posts, stories or ads to offer promotional deals or sales. Create special links that give out discount codes when a user visits your site via the Instagram app. It’s guaranteed to at least bring more traffic to your website.

Finally, if you need additional help getting started, Riotly Social Media offers several different Instagram growth plans depending on your needs and goals. We also offer a Free 6-Day Trial to anyone who wishes to try our service out with no obligation. Additionally, all of our monthly plans come with a 30-day no-risk, money back guarantee.

Write a comment below or send us a message to learn more!