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Can you tag someone in an Instagram video? - Riotly Social Media

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Instagram has just confirmed that they are testing a way to allow users to tag their friends in their video posts, a feature currently only available for photos.

While Instagram has refused to release too much information about the test, we know that it will work similarly to tagging your friends in photos.

Currently, when you upload a picture onto Instagram, you have the option to “Tag People” in the post. This option comes after you have selected a photo to upload, made your edits, and hit “next.” It looks like this:

Tag friends on Instagram

Tag Friends on Instagram

Video tagging will differ slightly from the process above. Instead of clicking on the small icon at the bottom left to see the list of tagged names over top of the content, as shown above in the far right photo, the button will link to a list of tagged people on a new page.

You will be directed to a page titled “People in this Video” which will list all the Instagram users who have appeared in the video. In a post by @cablegirlsrd, a user who apparently was involved in the testing process, we can see what the feature will look like:

Instagram Video tag

A post by @cablegirlsrd

While there is no confirmation from Instagram on when this new feature may be available to the public, news that Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom will be leading a programming announcement for SXSW 2019 has got us excited for a potential update on what’s to come.

Why we’re so excited – and why you should be too!

With the introduction of Stories, followed by IGTV, it looks like Instagram is on the verge of changing the game completely when it comes to sharing video online.

Instagram Stories

Let’s start with Instagram stories. Its release several years ago gave users a new way to interact with their followers in real time.

Anyone can use Stories to follow a user throughout their day or receive real-time updates on events happening on a particular page. For example, if you follow a professional athlete on Instagram, you could see real-time updates on a competition they are currently participating in. The opportunities are endless, really.

Instagram Stories

Plus, with updates to the Instagram algorithm changing how users were seeing posts in their feed, a lot of users were finding it harder and harder to get their content seen.

Before the Instagram algorithm changed, users would see the posts of those they followed in order of when they were published. After the algorithm changed, however, Instagram began prioritizing showing users what it considered most relevant to them, which meant some users’ posts were never getting seen at all.

Because Instagram Stories are located at the top of everyone’s feed, they are what users see first when they log in. This means that by posting to your Story, you have a better chance of your followers seeing your content first.

Instagram Stories

Source: Instagram

The caveat for using Stories, however, is that you are limited to 30 seconds only of play time per video. Enter IGTV, the new(ish) feature that allows users to post videos up to an hour long!


Let’s face it, not everyone has access to high-end cameras or microphones. Unfortunately, these items are an absolute necessity for people trying to compete for exposure on YouTube. High production quality is a must. 

This is where Instagram is changing the game when it comes to video. IGTV and video sharing on Instagram might not be huge yet, but it’s undoubtedly the next big opportunity for newbies to get noticed.

Instagram’s platform is designed for viewing videos naturally on a smartphone (vertically). That means that everyone is pretty much limited to using their smartphone to take the videos they post on Instagram. And while no smartphone camera is created equal, production quality remains on a fairly even playing field.


You don’t need a fancy camera or an expensive, several-thousand-dollar microphone to get noticed, you just need to create amazing content.

Why Instagram video is the next big thing

Video sharing is becoming bigger and bigger on Instagram. The ability to tag people or be tagged in an Instagram video has huge potential for increased exposure amongst its users.

And let’s not forget Instagram’s release of shoppable photos, a new feature that allows businesses to tag their products in their Instagram posts. Users now have the option of shopping directly from Instagram by clicking on a company’s post, exploring the details on a tagged product, and being directed to the website if they’re ready to buy.

Instagram Shoppable

Instagram Shoppable

The option to tag videos would up the Instagram shoppable game even further by allowing for video-based product reviews, inside looks, and more.

What’s next

There’s no doubt in our minds that Instagram video is a huge window of opportunity for those looking for their shot to be recognized. While video may not be the most favored or prominent feature in the Instagram world yet, it’s definitely headed in that direction. We recommend hitting while the iron’s hot, so to speak.

As for us, we’re here to help! If you’re looking for a leg up on the competition, we can help you grow your fan base on Instagram, as well as discover and engage with the right target market for you based on your content and goals. Start our Free Trial today to see what we can do for you!