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Soundcloud to Instagram: How to Share SoundCloud Music on Instagram

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Instagram has just released an update allowing users to post SoundCloud to Instagram. For musicians on Instagram and Soundcloud, this new feature opens a whole new door for social media marketing and band promotion.

The new update allows musicians to share their SoundCloud tracks directly to their Instagram Stories. When it comes to sharing music, promoting new albums and selling tracks, SoundCloud musicians now have a direct gateway to the Instagram community.

Linking SoundCloud App to Instagram

You don’t have to be a musician to share SoundCloud music to your Instagram Story. All you need is access to the SoundCloud app. Unfortunately, this is also the main caveat to Instagram’s new collaboration with SoundCloud.

When you share SoundCloud to Instagram stories,  you won’t be sharing the music itself. Instead, your Instagram Story will display a badge that links to the song on the SoundCloud app. Yes, this means that in order for your followers to listen to your music, they need the app. 

That being said, the story badge will still display a photo of the artist, song or album. Even if your followers don’t have the SoundCloud app, a SoundCloud share to Instagram is a surefire way to promote awareness for your music to your followers, as well as let them know when you have released a new song or have a new album for sale.

How to Post SoundCloud on Instagram

Sharing your SoundCloud music on Instagram is super easy. First, make sure you have the SoundCloud app downloaded on your smartphone. Open the app and follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a song to share. You can select songs by viewing an artist’s profile, or going through your own personal playlists and choosing a favorite. Here’s an example of a list of tracks on an artist profile:
    SoundCloud to Instagram

    How to Share SoundCloud to Instagram

  2. Next, click the three dots next to the song you wish to share:
    SoundCloud Share

    Pick a Song to Share to Instagram

  3. You can also share SoundCloud music to Instagram from this view as well, which you will see either if you click the bottom grey bar — In this case the grey bar with a play and heart icon on either side of where it says “The Fix” with “Liz Coffman” below— or by clicking on the song itself:
    How to post soundcloud on Instagram

    How to Post SoundCloud on Instagram

  4. After clicking the “share” button in the middle, you’ll see this menu:
    SoundCloud to Instagram

    Share to Instagram Stories

  5. Click “Share to Instagram Stories,” then click the “Add to Story” icon, shown below! The photo below also shows you what the SoundCloud badge will look like when someone views your Instagram Story:
    SoundCloud to Instagram

    SoundCloud to Instagram Stories

That’s it! That’s all it takes to promote your music, your newest album, or your favorite band by sharing to your Instagram Story.

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