Writing comments is an effective way to get noticed in front Instagram followers and users, however writing emojis and short comments like “Great photo!” or “Awesome pic” are not effective anymore. What Instagram followers and users are looking for are genuine comments that show authentic interest in the person. Which means writing a comment has just gotten a bit harder. The key is to write something so you can get noticed and stand out from the crowd. No matter if it is being the first, or saying something that is unique, standing out is key.

If you would like to learn more about how to write meaningful comments that get noticed, here are some key tips.

  1. Write comments on photos that have little comments, to stand out.
  2. Write comments on photos that have recently been posted, the more recent the better, so you are the first one to comment.
  3. Write longer comments  (1-2 sentences max) and do not just write emojis or short positive comments like “Great pic”, “Amazing photo!”, these are not as effective anymore
  4. Write comments referencing the major element in the photo, for example, “I love this pic of your daughter, you both look so cute together!”
  5. Write comments asking a question about a major object in the photo, for example (“Where did you get the dress?”, “Where are you? That background is beautiful!”
  6. Mention other people in the comment, showing that you are spreading the post to others
  7. Interact with other commenters (“Yes I agree with @mary298, where did you get that beautiful dress?”). This will show you as someone who is engaging not only with the poster but with other posters as well.
  8. Like other people’s comments, especially the poster’s comment, if s/he comments on someone else’s comment as a reply. You should like about 1-3 comments per post, do not overdo it. There is a limited number of likes you can do per hour.
  9. Do not promote yourself on someone else’s post, they have a chance to remove your comment

Remember when writing comments, they need to be contextual and relevant to the photo. This will come off as genuine and will stand out from the rest of the short emoji comments. Try to be as genuine as you can, and this will score bonus points with the poster and other commenters.