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Secret method for getting likes by picking the right hashtags on Instagram

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What if we told you that 99.99 percent of people fail at picking the right hashtags on Instagram?

I understand you may hate hashtags because you can’t really see their contribution.

Well, in this article I will present you with the latest and most efficient way to get organic likes and followers. This new strategy is completely different from all the other hashtag strategies on the Internet. If you think you’ve mastered hashtag strategy, you may want to learn some more advanced tactics. Join our Instagram Crash Course and turn yourself to be an Instagram expert.

Our research has shown that almost no one seems to really know the right way to use Instagram hashtags to grow their followers. Some even just ignore hashtags but buy followers which we had elaborated why not to do so and what’s the right way to grow followers.

Most people are only just using the most popular hashtags, this obviously doesn’t work well for new accounts or users with low engagement because there’s too much competition. Other are using a mix of popular hashtags with unpopular hashtags without getting any special results, it seems to be too unpredictable.

The key thing no one tells you is how to pick the right hashtags for YOUR Instagram account – we call this strategy Like Range Hack. Most Instagramers have no idea how to select the right hashtags for their particular audience. 

This step-by-step method works for every single Instagram account regardless of the number of followers it has or its engagement rate. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of followers or zero followers. You can tailor this strategy to YOUR account and your current audience.

We’ll show the strategy right away. But first, It’s important to understand some key concepts such as The 2 types of post sections and the hashtags like range.

The 2 types of Posts Sections

When you use a hashtag your post is displayed in two different places depending on its popularity.

picking the right hashtags on Instagram top posts recent posts“Top Posts” section

This is the first thing that the users see when they search for a specific hashtag. The “Top posts” section features the top nine pictures with the most engagement. When your media gets featured here it’s seen by thousands of people. And also, when a post gets on this section it remains there for 1-3 days.

Your posts can be featured in the Top Posts section depending on the hashtags you place in the posts’ caption.

“Recent Posts” section

If you keep scrolling down you’ll see the Recent Posts section. 

In this place, you can see every single picture posted with that particular hashtag in chronological order.

Unfortunately, your chances of getting likes and followers from this section are very small because every time someone posts a new picture with the same hashtag yours goes further and further down the list.

If you use a popular hashtag such as #Love #girl #sky your post will be buried down by a ton of pictures in a millisecond.

The Hashtag Strategy:

here is where you want to be

Here’s where you want to be

It is very simple! If you want to get exposure, you NEED to be in the Top Posts Section of the hashtags you use.

So, how do you get into the Top Posts Section? Obviously, your media needs to have enough engagement to be considered one the Top Posts of the hashtags you use.

The number of likes and comments you need to get into the Top Posts section depends for each hashtag, so you have to carefully select the hashtags in which you have the most chances to be featured.

And, to ease the selection process we’ll introduce you to this new concept: The “Like Range”

How to Calculate the “Like Range” of a hashtag:

To calculate it just do this:

  1. Check all the posts in the Top post section one by one.
  2. Identify which post has the highest number of likes, and take note of this number.
  3. Do the same for the post with the lowest number of likes, write it down too.
  4. The minimum and maximum amount of likes on the posts determine the “Like Range” of a hashtag.
  5. If your posts have enough likes to fit into the “Like Range” of a hashtag, they’ll have a higher chance to get on the “top post” section.
picking the right hashtags on Instagram SocialMediaMarketing

The like range for #SocialMediaMarketing is 870 – 4665

And that’s how you do it! That’s the correct way to decide if a hashtag is useful for YOUR account.

8 easy steps to research and prepare your hashtags.

OK now that you know how the two sections work, and how to calculate the like range, we can show you how to implement this strategy.

picking the right hashtags on Instagram

Identify the average number of Likes on the last 9 posts of your own account

STEP 1: Analyse your own account.

Review your account and identify the average number of likes and comments are your posts are receiving now.

Calculate the average number of likes for of your latest 9 posts.

STEP 2: Collect a lot of hashtags.

Use a tool to collect a lot of hashtags related to your specific niche, industry or location. (We’ll give you a list of tools for this below).

If your account is new or has low engagement you’ll probably have more luck with the less popular hashtags. But remember, the number of posts on these hashtags is irrelevant, the “Like Range” is the only thing that matters.

STEP 3: Analyse the “Like range” of the hashtags in your industry

Check the pictures and videos featured on the top post section of the hashtags you selected.

Calculate the “Like Range” to see how hard it is to be on the top posts.

select the best hashtags

This is an example for the #fashion Industry the “Like Range” of this hashtag goes from 1047 to 6457, as you can guess it would be too hard for a new account. You’ll probably have to research many hashtags to find achievable hashtags for you.

Choosing Instagram hashtahs taiwan fashion

#Taiwanfashion Like Range goes from 45 to 1049 If you have a new fashion brand in Taiwan this would be an achievable option to start.


STEP 4: Select some achievable hashtags.

Select 22 to 25 hashtags with an achievable “Like Range”. Choose those with the same average engagement of your last 9 posts.

If you get featured in the Top Section of these Hashtags your post will get some extra likes and comments.

STEP 5: Add some popular hashtags.

Fill up the rest with Popular Instagram hashtags. Just select five to eight hashtags with a little bit more engagement than your posts’ average. If your posts get enough extra engagement you might also get featured on these popular hashtags too! Isn’t that nice?

Remember to always use 30 hashtags in every post you publish. Don’t use more or your Caption will be erased and you’ll have to write everything again. And don’t use less either! The point is to get the most out of every single picture. More hashtags equal more exposure.


STEP 6: Publish your post.

If you do it right and you have the luck to be among the Top Posts of the most popular hashtags you’ll see your account growing and gaining hundreds of followers in just hours. By using this Like Range Hack, it’s far safer than using Instagress-like bots. By the way, you still can find out more healthy alternatives in this article if you want to try to try it out.

STEP 7: Repeat this strategy.

As your posts get more and more likes, your “Like Range” will expand and you will be able to target more popular Hashtags with higher “Like Ranges” in your next posts. This is the way to increase your exposure consistently.

Playing with the Hashtags’ “Like Range” will help you to gradually get on the Top posts section of most of them.

The key takeaway is:

Try to get into the Top Posts section of each hashtag you use. Do this by carefully picking the right hashtags on Instagram in which YOUR pictures really have a chance to be featured. Use the “Like Range” method to select them.

selecting the right hashtags instagramstrategy

#instagramstrategy’s Like Range is 38 – 1642. This one is easy, good for starters. But try to get featured on the most popular hashtags if your Like Range allows it.

And that’s it! That’s how you get the most out of Instagram hashtags! Very simple right?

Not enough?

By combining this hack with some growth tools and services (but not Instagress-like bots), I’m pretty sure you’ll be way ahead of your competition!

Some Other Important Things to Consider for Picking the right hashtags on Instagram

Try to use only relevant hashtags:

Try to only use hashtags related to your picture or video. You will get more engagement by picking hashtags directly related to your posts. This applies regardless of the hashtag popularity.

Consider the most popular, the less popular and the restricted hashtags in your niche/industry where your posts can reasonably fit in.

Beware of Banned Hashtags:

These are totally worthless. Instagram completely eliminates these hashtags from the search engine. If you search for these terms you won’t see any results.

Beware of these! Banned hashtags don’t give you any exposure and you shouldn’t use them at all. Nothing bad will happen if you use banned hashtags but you won’t get any exposure or show up on Instagram search so they’re useless. Here you can read a complete list of banned and semi-banned hashtags in 2017.

Hashtag Selection Tools:

Here’s a summary of the best tools for this method:

Top-hashtags.com: Gives you the best hashtags to use in your posts and also tells you the number of posts using that particular hashtag. 

Hashtracking: With this tool, you can select your hashtags and also analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags you usually share on Instagram.

tagsforlikes: It’s a great and simple tool to select the most popular hashtags to place them in your publications.

Hashtags 4 likes: It has search filters and categories to quickly locate the hashtags you need.

Hashtagify.me: Finds the most relevant topics and hashtags that associated with the term on both Twitter and Instagram.

Display Purposes: Gives you ready-to-use list with both popular and relevant Instagram Hashtags. But we recommend reviewing these hashtags manually for better results.

Instagram Search: An easy but slow way to find relevant Instagram hashtags for your post. The Instagram app itself.


Well, this is it! After making sure you’re using the best hashtag strategy for your posts, you can start thinking to build an Instagram Sales Funnel and Automate it.