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71 Instagram tools for Businesses you should be using already

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Growing your brand’s presence on social media is not an easy task. Knowing and applying the proper tools is key to growing your business on Instagram efficiently and successfully.

Developing a strong presence on Instagram is vital in today’s business market, regardless of the industry. Having a visually appealing, dynamic, up-to-date Instagram profile with juicy content guarantees more income and social recognition.

In this article, we will detail the ultimate list of 71 Instagram tools for businesses currently available that you can put into practice at any time. This list is HUGE, so there’s no excuse for dragging your company’s feet in the world of social media. Let us help you learn everything you need to know to achieve success on Instagram.

Knowing and using external apps can help your digital venture, but you also need to know how to get the most out of Instagram’s internal tools and functions.

For starters, it’s useless to have thousands of third-party apps if you can’t properly handle the basic functions of the platform. Using all the tools already integrated within the Instagram app — and using them well — will give you an immediate advantage over competitors who don’t take full advantage of the platform’s built-in tools.

For that reason, we’re going to talk about some great external apps that you can use as well as how to master Instagram’s native tools.



Hashtag Selection Tools

Video Tools

Tools for Managing Followers and Interaction

Photo Editing and Design Tools

Metrics and Analytic Tools

Publishing and Scheduling Tools

Tools for downloading Instagram content

Other cool Instagram tools

Internal Instagram Tools


External apps and other Instagram tools for businesses

Hashtag Selection Tools

1. Tagsforlikes

Pricing: Free




This is a great tool for selecting the best hashtags to use in your posts.

The app offers a huge variety of hashtags based on categories and sub-categories, making it easier to select the tags that will cater to your brand’s topics, products and services.

For example, if your page is a female clothing brand, you can select the category “Fashion” and select the type of garment you’re promoting.

Simple and efficient!


2. Hashtags 4 likes

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-hashtagsforlikesThis tool allows you to select the most convenient hashtags for your posts easily. Thanks to the search filters and categories available you can quickly locate what you need.

Leverage this opportunity to increase the likes in your posts!

3. Hashtracking

Pricing: $50~$1500/month




We already know that including popular platform hashtags in your posts brings good results and increases views, but how do we know which hashtags to use?

An app like Hashtracking can help you select the most relevant tags and even filter the ones that best suit your post’s needs.

Hashtracking also allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags you usually share on Instagram.


Video Tools

4. Boomerang

Pricing: Free


instagram-tools-for-business-boomerangTurn your videos into unique experiences with this continuous loop function.

Pressing a button records a scene, creating a short video boomerang that goes back and forth. With this, you can transform even the most boring thing into a funny or provocative piece of video. It helps to keep your followers interested in your content.

Available for iOS and Android

5. Hyperlapse

Pricing: Free




Do you like the Timelapse feature for videos? Innovate with your brand’s multimedia uploads using Hyperlapse!

Hyperlapse makes it possible to modify the playback speed, cut videos and eliminate any scenes that you don’t like.

Transforming your video publications could give your followers more reasons to be attentive and engaged with your posts.

Tools for managing followers and interaction

6. Crowdfire

Pricing: Free




Check who follows you and who doesn’t anymore with the Crowdfire app.

With it, you can keep track of who visits your profile and which users are constantly watching your publications.

It’s available for IOS and Android, and it allows you to manage your account for free.

7. Unfollowers for Instagram

Pricing: Free




This is an effective tool for monitoring and following and unfollowing users on Instagram.

Initially, with the free version, you’ll have limitations on how many users you can follow or unfollow per hour. Buying the pro version will eliminate this limitation, as well as remove ads.

The app is only available for Android.

8. Sprout Social

Pricing: $99~$249/month

instagram-tools-for-business-sproutsocialSprout Social is a great app for managing interactions during your live events?

It’s the most powerful web app to manage massive events, campaigns and trends in real-time, and a good way to leverage promoted events on Instagram involving your brand.

With it, you can group all the images and comments that are being shared with the same hashtag during the event via streaming in real-time and support all social network platforms at the same time.

The bad news is that it’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s definitely one of the most professional Instagram Tools for Businesses.

9. Photodesk

Pricing: $6.99~$9.99/month




This is a desktop app used to manage your social networks in a practical way. Photodesk includes all the traditional post scheduling options and more.

It also gives you the ability to implement comment templates, manage fan lists, know which users watch your content regularly, create albums and activate personal notifications.

Designed for MAC users, it’s a good option to handle your social media business accounts.

10. Sendible

Pricing: $49~$499/month

instagram-tools-for-business-sendibleSendible is one of those Instagram tools for businesses that allows you to manage your account, schedule posts and get accurate analytics.

It is specially designed for agencies or anyone who’s running multiple business accounts at once.

What makes this one different to other Instagram management tools? It is specially designed for teamwork and collaboration. One of its coolest functions is turning user comments and social interactions into actionable tasks that can be sent to other departments. It takes customer service to a whole new level.

Another nice thing that makes this one unique is the possibility to create workflows to supervise and approve content creation.

It’s a possibility for you to use more than one profile with the app without paying an additional cost.


Photo editing and Design tools

11. Vignette

Pricing: $2.60/month




We introduce you to Vignette, if you are looking for an image editor for your phone that doesn’t require wifi or cellular data to work, this one is for you! That’s cool because most edition apps ask for login information or network connection.

This is a powerful tool for transforming and designing pics in which you can apply vintage or modern effects, include frames, enlarge or reduce the images.

It also has it’s own camera interface to take pictures and has a self-timer to achieve that perfect shot. Try it on Android

12. PhotoShop Express

Pricing: Free

photoshop-expressThere are lots of photo editing apps but if you are an old school designer you’ll love to know that you can now use PhotoShop on your phone with PS Express.

Use all your design knowledge to create your brand’s profile as you have always imagined it. Do everything in your phone.

13. VSCO

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-vscoRetouch your images as much as you want with VSCO. An app in which you can cut, rotate, flip, saturate, brighten or dim your photos as much as you want!

VSCO is very popular and especially among Instagrammers, so we couldn’t possibly forget to include it in these 71 Instagram tools for businesses.

 14. PicsArt

Pricing: Free




The PicsArt app is an option that we just couldn’t ignore. Its internal toolkit is designed to make your photos look like they were taken for a magazine.

It has a wide range of options for high-level photo edition.

Here you can embed an image over another, create designs to promote contests or add info about your events maintaining your brand’s style.

15. Snapseed

Pricing: Free


With Snapseed you can modify all the details you want from your photos and hide their defects with the various tools that the app offers you.

The blur, halo and contrast tool will make it easier to achieve a professional look.

Something very cool you can enjoy with this app is that you can save the filter with your custom modifications and apply it directly to another image without having to do it all over again. Amazing, right?

Try it on Android and iOS

16. Foodie

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-foodieIf your business is closely related to food, then you have to download Foodie to your phone.

In the app, you can find the most incredible effects for making your dishes look perfect and appetising.

Play with colors, lights and background tones. You’ll love the result! Download Foodie on Android or Foodie for iOs

17. Layout

Pricing: Free




It’s Instagram Inc.’s official app for collages that combines a series of photos in a single post. Ideal for showing several details in a single photo or avoiding the repetition of content in your account.

You can distribute them horizontally or vertically, remove or add a separation between photographs and even incorporate templates that make the process easier. Amazing, right?

You can try Layout on Android and iOs

18. Textgram – Write on Photos

Pricing: Free




Another alternative to inserting cool texts in your posts. Textgram makes your pic look better and contains a lot of different fonts and templates. If you use it right you’ll bring greater visibility to your profile.

Textgram is available for IOS and Android and it allows you to customize your post with more than 63 typographies. It ensures you find that style that matches your brand or personal signature.

19. A Color Story

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-acolorstoryMaintaining a good image quality is important to make your posts popular and increase the number of views and likes.

Apps such as A Color Story will make the job easier with its variety of editing tools. An awesome way to give your photos a professional look.

Play with the contrast, white balance, shadows and lights for a natural and attractive result!

20. Preview

Pricing: Free




Check how your profile looks before uploading your images to Instagram with the Preview app. With its friendly design interface, you will have an idea about how will the posts look together.

You can schedule posts, add photo captions, include hashtags, edit or repost from the app.

A useful feed planner. Free and available for both IOS and Android.

21. Studio Design

Pricing: Free


instagram-tools-for-business-studiodesignIt’s a design app for “Creative People” as its slogan says, this tool offers you a number of templates and super trendy shapes to give your publications a modern and funny look.

It has more than 500 default designs for you to apply to your photos and has a wide palette of colors.

Create without limits with Studio Design for iOs or Studio Design for Android!

22. Over

Pricing: Free




Another app in the editing and design list.

What makes this one different to other Instagram tools for businesses? The most notorious difference is the huge amount of fonts available for giving your photos the style you’re looking for, its options are almost endless.

It includes a series of sample pictures inside the app you can use to practice and get inspired.

In its free version you can share the publications directly to Instagram and in its Premium package, you can also do it on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

23. Retrica

Pricing: Free




This legendary photo editor has been revamped and now it has better tools to give your images a more professional or funny look.

With an incredible template inventory to use them as you please, Retrica is probably one of the best apps to easily transform your images with style. If you like to pulish your posts until they look perfect this app is for you.

Its design interface is friendly and ready for you to try! Check out Retrica in the Appstore and Retrica on Google Play.

24. Moldiv

Pricing: Free


instagram-tools-for-business-moldivWith over 200 templates for displaying images and pictures, Moldiv is great for converting pics into gorgeous collages.

Very useful to show different perspectives of the product or service that’s being offered.

Its clean and straightforward interface is simply wonderful. It’s ideal for improving the look of your posts and stealing a few more views among your followers.

25. WordSwag

Pricing: $3.99/month




An amazing app that allows you to add text to your photos that will surely capture your followers’ attention.

One of our favorite Instagram tools for businesses, especially now that letterings have become so trendy. Wordswag can help you create the images you want and include watermarks with your business’s logo.

If you like to mix texts and images in your posts, you’ll be also pleased to know that by downloading this app you’ll get free access to a big stock of pre-made quotes.

26. Aviary

Pricing: Free




This is the last photo editing tool of the list but it’s not the least important.

Aviary has Instagram’s most popular effects and an almost infinite stock of stickers, this way you can include them in your publications.

Making your posts more creative and original will bring more traffic and popularity to your profile.

Metrics and Analytic Tools

27. Iconosquare

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-iconosqaureWe can tell you without any doubt that this is one of the most powerful and popular web apps in terms of Instagram account management and analysis.

It’s recognized as one of the most accurate apps for scheduling Instagram posts. It’s one of the most downloaded apps because of its reliability and efficiency.

Although it has a free version, the metrics are fairly basic, if you are looking for a complete study, you’ll need the paid service.

28. Follower Analyzer

Pricing: Free




It’s a tool for analytics, metrics & data about your account.

Knowing how many users visit your profile every month and the range of your hashtags are good reasons to give this app a little space in your phone’s memory.

Follower Analyzer is available on Google Play store. Its simple graphs, monitoring tools, and statistics are great for people who want to get their info quickly and easily.

29. Followercheck

Pricing: Free

A very useful tool to help you determine how many false followers an account has.

Currently, there are many fake users on Instagram that don’t bring any benefit to your profile. Many of these spam on your post’s comments, disrupting the organic interaction with your followers without generating anything positive. Just eliminate them!

30. Only Pult

Pricing: $8.40~$45.5/month

instagram-tools-for-business-onlypultAll the Social Media management and analysis tools are the most crucial Instagram tools for businesses because if your business becomes successful you’ll probably have to delegate.

Also, these apps can bring a significant growth to your account if you use them properly, that’s why we’ve giving you different options in this list.

Only Pult allows to upload content to Instagram from your computer, it gives you the possibility to schedule your posts and supports up to 40 accounts at the same time.

Try it one week for free!

31. SocialRank

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-socialrankThis app allows you to filter followers according to their location, keywords, and levels of value or commitment.

Knowing your audience in such a close way will allow you to create a solid community of users that will generate more interaction and sales.

Having your Instagram community completely under control is an unquestionably huge benefit to your business growth.

32.  Metricool

Pricing: Free




Another tool to thoroughly monitor and manage your account is Metricool, an app in which you can analyze and measure the scope of your digital content.

Their graphs are very easy to understand, and you’ll love its schedule and real-time metrics.

The best thing about this app is that you also have the opportunity to use it for other social networks and even install the computer version.

33. Minter

Pricing: $20~$500/month

instagram-tools-for-business-minterAnalyze and monitor your account like a pro with Minter, an app with the most accurate statistics about your own actions in the platform and how well they are working.

Monitor follower traffic and the reach of your hashtags. If you identify what’s working and what’s not you can stop doing bad posts and copy the style of those that work better! Result: you have a better performance on the platform.

After the second month using it you can compare the data and even review the level of engagement you have achieved with your audience.

34. Ink 361

Pricing: Free


Its interface is very similar to the old fashioned Twitter management apps, so if you are familiar with these you’ll love Ink 361.

You can use it to:

  • Check who follows you back and who doesn’t
  • Identify the most popular hashtags
  • Receive analytics about your page
  • Group different users together in lists
  • Create albums
  • and more.

Download it with IOS or Android and check why this social media management app shines among other Instagram tools for businesses.

35. Prime for Instagram

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-primeforinstagramThis app contains an algorithm that determines how many of your followers are connected in real-time and at what times of the day they interact with your publications.

This is very useful for setting successful publishing times and thus getting a higher number of views on each post.

 36. Klear

Pricing: Free


If you like to keep an eye on your direct competitors, Klear is for you.

With this powerful tool, you can analyze the profiles of your competitors and filter them through keywords and other data such as their category and location.

As a result, you’ll get eye-opening metrics about your competition. Use this data to compare them with your account’s results and determine what you need to keep improving.

37. Kuku

Pricing: Free

instagram-tools-for-business-kukuIf you’re concerned about what are the best times to post we recommend you try Kuku. Undoubtedly useful to identify the best posting times. It’s an analysis tool that allows you to track your Instagram best posting times in order to schedule content publication.

With this app, you can schedule your photos to be posted whenever you wish and the app will send you a notification when the time is right so you can upload your content.

38. MeetEdgar

Pricing: $49/month


If you ever find the need to hire a content manager, try using MeetEdgar, a social media scheduling tool. Edgar’s automation re-shares your content to keep your Instagram updates fresh and never boring.

With MeetEdgar you can:

  • Drive more traffic to your Instagram, automatically.
  • Increase engagement and get new fans.
  • Re-share your Instagram updates repeatedly over time.

 39. Audiense

Pricing: $32~$758/month

instagram-tools-for-business-audienseWatch the market! With Audiense on your phone, you can effectively boost your online marketing strategy.

Thanks to the analysis tools included in the app you can compare results and investigate your community.

The app’s statistics can be segmented or sorted by location, values, and behavior in real time. Audiense gives you the most accurate results for your business’s analytics.

Publishing and Scheduling tools

40. SocialGest

Pricing: $0~$38/month

It’s exactly what you need to upload your content to Instagram in an organic but organized way.

One of the first apps created in Latin America that allow access to Instagram metrics and scheduling content for personal or corporate profiles on Instagram.

It supports many languages and it also allows Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Management.

41. Hootsuite

Pricing: $19~$99/month


instagram-tools-for-business-hootsuiteMake your life easier by planning and automating publications with Hootsuite.

With it, you can program and publish all your posts automatically.

It also has functions that help you monitor those who talk about your brand and keep an eye on your competitors.

Its 30-day free trial will help you decide if it’s ideal management app for you or you prefer one of the other Instagram tools for businesses we recommend.

42. Schedugram

Pricing: Free 




Schedugram is another free management tool, available for IOS and Android with an interface very similar to Crowdfire.

Its benefits are the metrics, the hashtag finder and the possibility of programming content for your Instagram profile.

The only limitation we find in its free version is that you can’t edit the content once it has already been programmed.

43. Buffer

Pricing: Free 

instagram-tools-for-business-bufferIf you work with social media, you surely have used Buffer before with other Twitter and Facebook. But now you can also use it for Instagram.

With Buffer you can manage and plan all your business’s networks simultaneously in the same app, it’s a very comfortable way to manage all your Social Media channels in one place.

44. Later

Pricing: $0~$49/month

instagram-tools-for-business-laterAnother management app for Instagram that gives you the opportunity to schedule content.

With it, you can distribute your post at the specific times and days to your benefit, keep an organized calendar and schedule several accounts at a time in a practical way.

If you still don’t use an app to manage your business profile this is one of the best options.

45. PostCron

Pricing: $8.33~$83.33/month

Is it possible to program up to 1000 post for an account? PostCron allows you to do it from an Excel file from your computer without any problem.

Another cool function you can find within this app is the possibility to add watermarks to all your images automatically.

You can manage up to 15 accounts and share app management with 3 more users when you buy it.

46. Wiselit

Pricing: Free 


With Wiselit you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, and you can also manage Pinterest and Twitter with it to keep your business up to date on all digital platforms.

The free web version allows you to schedule and set up one publication per day. Another interesting option for your brand’s social media accounts.

Available for iOS and Android

47. Planoly

Pricing: Free 


Another nice tool for the social media and page content.

Although you can only manage one account, the free features are quite complete. They give you the opportunity to schedule up to 30 posts a month and you can synchronize the app on your phone and computer.

It’s available for IOS and Android.

48. Gramblr

Pricing: Free 

instagram-tools-for-business-gramblrSchedule from the comfort of your PC with Gramblr, another tool for excellent management results. It has powerful metric reports about your account’s interaction and reach.

You can register multiple accounts at no additional cost but you can only to post on one at a time.

Adding footnotes and adjusting the image size is also allowed in the free version, a good option if you are starting your Online Business.

49. SocialDraft

Pricing: $80~$300/month 

instagram-tools-for-business-socialdraftPublishing simultaneously in all your social networks will save you valuable minutes of your time, so we’ll introduce you Social Draft.

It’s an app in which you can publish on Instagram and all your other social network platforms simultaneously. You can just post or upload and schedule your content in the app’s calendar. This app can also suggest you the best and more convenient times to publish according to your audience.

The posting is not automatic, but the app will send you a notification to remind you that it’s time to publish on Instagram.

Tools for downloading content from Instagram

50. Instaport – by Vibbi

Pricing: Free 

The Instaport webapp is nothing but a great security measure to protect your account’s most valuable images.

It’s one of the many Web-based apps and services offered by Vibbi. Its function is to make backups of your entire gallery automatically or manually whenever you decide to do it. An excellent choice to protect your info outside your phone.

51. Instaget

Pricing: Free 




Have you ever wanted to save on your computer all those inspiring videos you see on Instagram? Well, with Instaget it’s possible.

With this app, you can download and save the videos you like from Instagram to use them as references whenever you need.

52.  StoriesIG

Pricing: Free 


When you use Instagram Stories frequently, you build a series of very powerful content and video pieces you can use later in your marketing strategy.

Treasuring these publications allows you to have a backup of successful ideas you can re-use whenever you want.

StoriesIG is a web app that gives you the opportunity to do so by downloading Instagram stories directly to your computer.

It also very helpful if you want to download stories from another Instagram user.

 53. Story Saver for Instagram

Pricing: Free 

story saver for IG

Looking for a way to save Instagram Stories on your phone? This app works exactly like the previous one but it’s specifically designed for mobile devices.

Very handy for saving new ideas.

So if you’re interested in saving your Instagram Stories or other user’s stories into your phone this Android app is perfect for you and your business brand.

54. Insta-Save

Pricing: Free 


Its name says it clearly, it’s an app for downloading images or videos that you like directly on your phone.

It works very simply. To download, you just have to copy the URL of the post and Insta-Save will automatically do the rest.

Available for Android

Other cool Instagram tools for businesses

55. Soldsie

Pricing: $0~$300/month 

instagram-tools-for-business-soldsieIt’s an app to sell your products on Instagram when you don’t have an e-commerce site.

How does it work? Well, it’s simple:

  1. Register in the Soldsie platform
  2. Connect it with your Instagram account
  3. Then you’ll get a web address for your e-shop
  4. Place it in your profile’s bio, there the customers can easily register.

The purchase can be carried out through the comments, guaranteeing a safe transaction for both parties.

56. Inselly

Pricing: Free

This one also gives you a mechanism to sell on Instagram when you don’t have your own e-commerce website. It’s great to have these Instagram tools for businesses that want to start selling their products online.

With this app on your phone, you can create your own product catalog and publish it in an online market with the hashtag #Inselly

If you use it, you’ll have the opportunity for your future customers to make their payments through Paypal.

Remember that the more methods of payment you offer your audience, the more conversions you’ll have and thus your income will be higher.

If you give your customers a good shopping experience you’ll win their loyalty and they will return to buy again.

57. IGlink 

Pricing: Free

An ideal tool to increase traffic to your blog, website, and personal profile links.

IGlink saves you the job of changing the final destination link in your publications.

If you have a new promo, offer, discount or event you want to focus on you can simply update the final link you’re pointing to without having to edit your profile URL or the posts you have already published.

These will ensure you don’t lose leads or sales for your business in your ever-changing marketing efforts.

The app is very complete and its design interface is totally practical, so learning to use it will be very simple.

58. Repost

Pricing: Free 


This tool doesn’t need an introduction. There are many versions of this app thanks to the huge amount of users who have been downloading it in the past years.

You can use Re-post to help your business in many ways:

  • Save costs using content created by others
  • Re-publish your satisfied customers, these work as testimonials and social proof for your product.
  • Sometimes it is useful to redirect followers from one account to another.

In its new version, you can check your page from the app and re-post content from other accounts to your profile.

59. Pretty link plugin

Pricing: $47~$197/Year 

One way to measure the traffic of people who visit your profile is through a link in your biography.

Pretty link plugin is an app that allows you to create your own custom link with your domain included, automatically shortening it.

You can also include the link in your content and Instagram stories, just download it to your phone to start exploring its practical benefits.

60. Instagram Stories Uploader  

Pricing: Free 


The last photos of the gallery of your phone will always be available for being uploaded to your Instagram stories but, what happens if you forgot to upload a photo from the previous day?

In these situations, it can be useful to use Instagram Stories Uploader, an app designed to help you select the old photos of your reel and upload them to your story the day you wish without any limitation.

Totally useful! available for IOS users only.

Internal Instagram tools for businesses

61. Username and BIO

Instagram tools for businesses profile

First things first! Edit your profile

This is the first thing users will look at before following your brand.

Add an interesting Biography/Description add some cool emojis and hashtags.

Remember to add an URL to your website or landing page, this is the only place on Instagram you can promote your links.

It might seem obvious but in many cases, the username is not related to the brand. Use keywords so that your Instagram followers can identify your product or service quickly.

Below we’ll name some apps that can help you choose a good profile name.

62. Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to be found on Instagram’s search engine, so they are ideal for emerging business profiles.

Their job is to make it easier for new users to get to your page.

For example, if your business is a vegan restaurant, hashtags like #vegan #vegeterian #salad #livegreen will attract more users interested in these topics.

You can use as many hashtags as you wish, some brands use one or two if any, others more than 10, however, the limit is 30.

If you are starting with your account and you want quick results, it’s better to use as many as you can so that you can cover a wider audience. Although some people don’t like hashtags, studies show that the more hashtags you use the better.

Also, we recommend avoiding long hashtags like #thismadeuphashtagthatdoesntmakesense and those with special characters like #Tina’s-store! since they won’t have any effect on user searches.

63. Geographic location

Instagram tools for businesses profile and bio

remember to add your location here

It’s nice for your followers to know the real location of your business, give them the safety of knowing where they can find you.

Even if you have an online company, the geographic location tool on Instagram allows your community to know where you are, how they can locate you, how close or far you are to their address and this creates confidence to start any transaction.

You can easily add your location in your profile and before sharing any post, above the option to tag people and below the caption.

64. Tagging People

Instagram tools for businesses tag

tag people on your pics

If the image you’re uploading includes a customer, a media personality or an Influencer using your stuff it’s essential that you tag him/her.

Tagging all kinds of people will not only increase the number of views but will also bring more traffic to your page. Remember that the more recognition you get the greater your success will be.

65. Instagram Albums

Now with Instagram albums, it’s possible to upload up to 10 pictures at once in one publication, giving your followers the benefit of viewing your images from more than one perspective.

Avoid looking like spam when you upload several similar photos to your profile.

Tell a more detailed story using multiple photos instead of just one.

Show multiple photos of the same event.

Display different angles of your products. For example, if you sell wallets, you could mount the front, its reverse, its interior and even its compartments.

You can activate this function when you upload a photo, in the small icon on the right side of double boxes, right next to the Boomerang and Layout icon, then select and mark all the photos you want to group in your album, and it’s done!

66. Instagram Stories

Instagram tools for businesses Live

IG Stories are becoming more popular every day

This new tool is getting more and more popular among Instagram users. Inspired by Snapchat this function allows you to upload videos to the platform that will be available for 24 hours only.

The benefit of the stories is that they allow you to publish more often and without worrying so much about the quality of the content. That’s because they are not permanent and don’t allow comments or public interactions.

In the stories, just like in the profile, it’s also good to add hashtags, location and other user’s tags (in the form of stickers), this will make your story to appear on Instagram’s searches and get more people to see you.

Here you can promote contests and upload photos or small videos of customers using your products/services. Let your creativity fly to make funnier and practical shots that keep your audience entertained with your work and brand.

67. Instagram Live

Instagram tools for businesses Live (2)

Discover Live Videos!

It’s one of the most useful Instagram tools for businesses, with it, you could cover live events about your business or personal brand,  announce discounts, start contests or mention the winners and many other interesting things for your audience.

Currently, Instagram gives more visibility to those who use this live function so it’s a good tool to increase the interaction with those who already follow you.

In addition, Instagram now allows saving the video, that way your followers can replay it later.

68. Instagram Videos

Videos on Instagram are cool and flexible, you shouldn’t underestimate them.

Most users like multimedia content, so make sure that your page doesn’t lack a good video that keeps your followers interested.

The bad thing about videos is that sometimes they take too much time to load. One tip to increase the visibility of the videos is to put a visible and striking title in it to generate interest and explain what is it about.

We’ll name and describe some good video editing tools below.

69. Image Editor

Instagram tools for businesses editor

Instagram’s editor is actually very good

Instagram gives you several elements to turn your publications into masterpieces.

You can develop a unique style that stays in all your photos by always incorporating similar filters. Professionals use filters to mark a unique and congruent visual identity in all their photos.

You can also correct mistakes with the editor. If the photo is dark, illuminate it! If it’s out of focus, increase the sharpness! and if it’s opaque, increase the contrast!

Get the most out of it! Aim for a unique and professional result!

70. Saved Collections

With this tool, you can build your own private collections by adding your favorite publications.

It’s a very confidential way of inspiring yourself with other accounts.

The best thing about this is that you have the possibility to secretly save an interesting post to copy its style later in your business page.

You can find it right next to the “the photos in which you appear” icon, in your profile header.

71. Facebook Power Editor

Pricing: You can set your own daily budget and edit anytime. 

If you’re serious about growing your business on Instagram you should try Running “Sponsored” Posts on Instagram at least once.

Seriously, their native ads platform ha really cool features such as Advanced targeting, different Call to Action buttons to any outside URL and Flexible pricing.

It’s better to be prepared, Facebook is always looking for ways to get more money out of their platforms. Sooner or later they could run changes that could change your marketing strategy forever, and as it happened on Facebook, Instagram business accounts could reduce their reach in the future. For this reason, many experts agree that over the next few years Instagram’s paid ads will become one of the central pillars of every brand’s online marketing plan.

Final words & Recommendations

Promoting your business on online social network platforms is now a must.  So we hope that after reading this article you’ll be prepared to take off your business to fame.

You should know your brand and target market better than anyone. Nobody but you can decide among these Instagram tools for businesses and choose the ones that will bring you closer to your marketing objectives. Make sure that all your efforts aim at the same goal.

We also hope you have enjoyed this 71 Instagram tools for businesses and start using them right now to achieve as much success as possible!

If you know the one that is not included in this list, we invite you to leave us a comment or visit PeepTheWorld’s article about Social Media Management Tools.