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How to Gain more Instagram Followers for your Business - Riotly Social Media

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Are you considering Instagram as part of your online Marketing strategy but don’t know how to start getting new Instagram followers for your business? 

Making your brand or products well known among consumers has a lot to do with your social media presence. Especially on Instagram, since this is the ideal platform to push any juicy project to fame.

The key to doing it is to spend enough time on your account so your content, interaction, design and information become attractive to your potential fans.

But, how can you achieve this and avoid failure?

Gaining popularity on the web is not a matter of magic or luck. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

A good Social Media agency can take you closer to the success you are longing for, but, knowing the tools mentioned in this article will help you understand some fundamental strategies.

Putting these strategies into practice could be the key to achieving your marketing goals.

Quick tactics to get Instagram followers for your business:

1. Using Micro Influencers:

Creating relationships with influencers in your business area is not easy, but it could change your positioning forever.

micro-influencers to get more instagram followers for your business

An example on how to use micro-influencers to get more Instagram followers for your business

By doing Online Public Relations on a daily basis you can build your influencers or media contacts database.

This works perfectly for artists, clothing brands, restaurants, and nonprofits. Virtually, there should be someone influential to lean on in every business area.

This is effective regardless of the brand’s size, country, reputation or budget. It all comes down to find the influencer and a good strategy to involve him with your product or service.

All types of businesses apply this technique, from New York-based transnationals to small businesses in developing countries. Putting it into practice will ensure you acquire more Instagram followers for your business.

What if you don’t have money to work with influencers?

The good news is that you don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money to get an Influencer involved with your brand. You can do it even if the numbers are not in your favor.

Offering gifts to micro influencers or public figures who are on the rise in order to get some exposure on their networks could give an immediate return on investment.

An interesting case is @buenasombrajm a small Latin American fashion brand that grew quickly on Instagram by working with a new model who was in the beginning of her career in the fitness industry.

“I had no budget for Social Media, so I couldn’t afford any of the Digital Marketing plans from the big agencies, but somehow we managed to get in touch with Michelle Lewin’s little sister (@ antonietta09) who agreed to be in a photo shoot in exchange for some swimsuits” said Janin Makhlouf, the brand manager.

“In less than a week, we got 8,000 followers and the bathing suit collection ran out! It’s the highest ROI I’ve ever seen!”

In this case, they got in touch with the model online and did some photo shoots. The results demonstrated the power of social media micro-influencers.

So start moving your Online Public Relations right now! And do it with clear goals and an organized strategy.

2. Leverage Crowdsourcing Accounts:

There are a lot of pages on Instagram dedicated to re-publishing what has been sent to them by other accounts.

These famous crowdsourcing accounts are a win-win mechanism, they don’t generate much content of their own but they curate the publications of other users through re-posting apps.

What do they gain from this? They become authorities in their area and many users follow them to keep themselves entertained with fresh, varied and trendy posts. This brings together a growing community of fans within a particular niche.

This is beneficial, for both the crowdsourcing and the re-posted accounts. The former gets to brand new content and the latter gets a chance to promote their account and reach new followers to whom they wouldn’t have access otherwise.

Should you let others re-post your photos?

designersvenezuela instagram followers for businesses

They re-posts people who use their hashtag

Of course! Take advantage of these accounts and get your pics re-posted to enjoy excellent results!

You should also consider what kind of crowdsourcing account is best for you to promote your content.

Those related to your target market will have a greater impact on efforts to get Instagram followers for your business.

For example, if you are a Venezuelan creative and you want to boost your personal brand or your products, then @designersvenezuela account could be the one for you. You can promote your content and get the followers you need.

With over 84k, it is the largest creative community in Venezuela promoting the best of national design and art. It’s the page that the users go to identify new trendy products in this country. They don’t create original content, they only re-post the users who use their hashtag.They re-publish nothing but the best.

There are many accounts like this around the world in different niches such as culinary suggestions, sports, humor, beauty, tattoo, and fashion just to mention some, just look for the one that best suits your target and location.

3. Follow to be Followed:

Using the popular “follow for follow” is still a short-term infallible trick to acquire some Instagram followers for your business account.

However, you shouldn’t take this strategy lightly because not everyone on Instagram’s community will be interested in what your offer.

For example, a breastfeeding counseling account wouldn’t benefit in any way from a lot of male followers who love cars and sports.

For this reason, you must be clear about the audience you need to get better results.

get mor instagram followers for your business

Check your Followers/Following ratio!

Being selective with the group of people you follow will help you have a better audience who will share your business’s content and will probably interact with your publications a lot more.

The people who have an affinity for your product or service should be the first to follow on Instagram. In addition to being attracted by your profile, these users are part of your target market and will possibly be your future consumers.

Many of them or at least a part will not instantly follow you, especially your business account is new.

Do not fret, this is part of the process. Remember that not everyone uses their social networks with the same frequency.

And also, many of them will examine your brand’s publications for a few days before deciding if they really want to follow it back.

Set a deadline for those new users that you include on your following list. If after that time they are still not following you back you can unfollow them and continue searching for those who appreciate what your business offers.

Consider that following more people than the ones who are following you is not visually appealing. Do not scare visitors to your Instagram page – be equitable!

4. Insta Contests:

venusdefleur get more instagram followers for your business

A great example of an Insta-contest!

Rewarding your followers can generate great rewards for your account and one option is to raffle gifts from time to time to generate loyalty within your audience.

Contests can attract a lot of people to your page and some of these will also become part of your community, not to mention all the interaction that you’ll instantly achieve.

Praising the audience with free products or services just by participating will assure more loyalty, recommendations and new Instagram followers for your business.

A good way to carry it out is taking advantage of holidays and important dates for your business industry.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many contests! It looks desperate, annoying and spammy.

A good example of this technique is the New Yorker account @venusetfleur, an exclusive online floral arrangement store. They held an effective and creative contest for mother’s day.

The users had to upload a video explaining why their moms deserved one of Venus et fleur’s rose arrangements. Users also had to follow the brand, tag their account and use the brand’s hashtag to be part of the contest.

During this event, their followers increased considerably and today this account has more than 187,000 fans.

Undoubtedly, giving away products and services from time to time will give you an almost invaluable ROI.

5. Post Frequently:

Uploading content regularly has a direct influence on your organic follower growth.

wawawiwadesign get more instagram followers for your businessUsers will follow your account only if they’re somehow interested in the things you’re uploading to the platform, so give them enough reasons to follow your content by publishing daily if possible.

You can do it one, two, even three times in a day, it’s up to you. The most important thing is trying to post at least 5 times a week to keep your community updated.

Nothing illustrates this principle better than @wawawiwadesign, the official account of the Colombian illustrator Andrés J. Colmenares. His brand has grown not only because of his great talent but also the frequency with which he publishes new drawings has a lot to do with it too.

Apart from the fact that his publications are funny, he keeps the audience attentive providing a constant flow of creative design innovations every day.

get more instagram followers for your businessAnother delicious example of frequent publication is the @bocasgrill restaurant located in Miami. With their wide repertoire of tasty and good looking recipes, they generate a mouth-watering experience on Instagram.

With more than eight daily publications and cool digital marketing tools, they have managed to capture more than 318,000 followers. Incredible right?

Final thoughts:

You can start getting Instagram followers for your business immediately if you apply all these strategies.

These are just a few things you can do to turn your account into a digital marketing success without being an expert in the field. You just need a little bit of wit and tons of perseverance.

Anyway, not everybody has the availability to invest that much time on their online marketing and simultaneously grow their business. If that’s your case you might want to outsource some of these tasks, and the best way to start is by trying Riotly Social Media 6-DAY TRIAL in which you can get 250 new real and active followers on Instagram! Just click here

We hope you find this post helpful. Let us know if you get stuck or you have any questions about how to get Instagram followers for your business.

Good Luck!