So in the previous blog post, we shared what are some good ways to send Direct Messages to Instagram followers to hook them in and start a relationship.

Now your followers are responding to you, what do you do now? Remember your goal is to:

  1. Hook them in
  2. Establish a relationship
  3. Get them interested or encourage them to buy

Today we will be talking about part 2, how to establish the relationship. Ideally when you chat with a customer, you do not talk about your products, you listen and learn more about the customer. How do you know what to sell if you don’t know much about them? Look into their Instagram account and ask them questions about their lives that are relevant to your product.

Brand: Hi lisa456! Thanks for the follow, I saw you liked my photo with [product name], summer is around the corner, are you looking for anything to match your wardrobe to meet the heat?

lisa456: Thanks for asking! I am not sure what I am looking for just browsing.

Brand: That is great Lisa. 

This is an example of how you can make conversation to establish relationships with your customers through direct messaging.