As some of you may be familiar with the sales marketing funnel, it is important to realize that getting Instagram followers is the first step in getting customers to know that you exist and hook them in. But as a business, you still need to engage with them to develop a relationship and push them down the funnel to buy. Rarely do people buy when they see a brand they don’t really know.

We have seen countless times many businesses succeed on Instagram by actively engaging with not only new, unknown customers, but also with existing followers to develop relationships. The best way to do this is to send Direct Messages to followers after they follow your account. Here are some examples of messages you can send:

Hi lisa456! Thanks for the follow, I saw you liked my photo with [product name], summer is around the corner, are you looking for anything to match your wardrobe to meet the heat?

Another example:

Hi mary922, thank you for following us, I really like the pic of your dog that you just posted! I saw that you liked some of our photos, how has your winter been?

Key tips

  • Keep your message short and only 2-3 sentences, if it is more than that, people will ignore it
  • Keep it as personal as possible talking about things they did or posted
  • Make seem like a chat message, do not put a signature or “Best regards, Mary Watts” or anything like that, this is not an email, it is a chat message
  • Always end with a call to action or question that makes them respond, if it is a statement or just telling them to visit a website people rarely will respond
  • Do not put a link in your message, in IG it is hard to copy and paste links and it does not automatically direct the user, so putting a link is useless
  • Do not put discount or coupon codes, you are here to start a conversation not push a product which they don’t know much about

Remember do not be too pushy, you are there to give them an authentic, human experience by starting a relationship with them. You are recommended to check out this article if you want to establish the relationship with followers through Instagram Direct Messaging.