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What happens when you buy Instagram Followers? A better way is revealed

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What happens when you buy Instagram followers? With over a billion monthly users, standing out in the Instagram community is no easy task. As a result, a lot of users have turned to buying followers on Instagram.

But is buying followers really an effective growth hack?

It may have been worth it in the past to pay for Instagram followers, but recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm reveal sometimes, less is more.

You won’t get your Instagram to the “Top Posts” or “Discover” sections just because you have a ton of followers. In fact, a ton of fake followers associated with your Instagram can actually harm your account or lead to it being shut down. 

The key to Instagram success is engagement, and the only path to a high engagement rate is by growing your Instagram account the old-fashioned way: organically. But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think, and you don’t have to do it alone. We’re going to talk about what buying followers will and will not do for your Instagram account, but that’s not all. 

We’re also going to give you a better option than buying followers, and do the hard work for you! Win-win, right? If you’re not convinced, you can try our 6-day free trial to see for yourself how our organic social media growth service can elevate your Instagram to the top of the pack.

Let’s start.

Why would you pay for Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram Followers is all about vanity

Buying Instagram Followers is all about vanity (via GIPHY)

Generally speaking, the more followers an Instagram account has, the more successful it appears.

For many brands, influencers, and celebrities, everything’s about perception. Having a large number of followers on Instagram may give other users the impression that your account is popular, powerful and successful.

For that reason, a lot of users start following an account after looking at the number of followers it already has.

This is one of the main reasons why people have started buying followers on Instagram.

BUT WAIT: what really happens when you pay for Instagram followers? Let’s dive into why buying followers for the sake of looking popular is actually harmful to your account.

Pros and cons of buying followers on Instagram

Buying followers on Instagram may seem like a quick and easy growth hack depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. For that reason, you need to decide whether or not buying followers is actually helping you reach your goal.

What’s more important to you: for your account to look powerful, or for it to be powerful?

For most of us, being successful on Instagram means reaching a lot of real people who want to buy your products or invest in your brand. It’s about building networks creating a social media strategy that will actually lead to a successful return on investments.

Take a look at the chart below. Here we have listed the pros and cons of buying followers:

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.17.08 AM

What is the process of buying followers and likes?

buying followers instagram

all hat and no cattle… (via GIPHY)

One of the questions most people ask is how to buy followers on Instagram.

It’s a no-brainer: through the apps available on the web. There’s no point in giving you a list to choose from – just google it and pick one (but you should better read this whole article first).

These apps allow you to pay Instagram followers on your profile. But that’s exactly what you buy… just a number.

How do they work?

In a nutshell, they’re a bunch of digital bots inside the platform that act like fake followers and they bulk your account. That’s it. They’re not real people, just robots.

Why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram

Buying followers on Instagram may seem a quick solution for your account to look popular in an easy and fast way.

But all that glitters is not gold.

One of the major risks that you run by buying followers is that your account may be deactivated, or that you wake up in the morning with an empty bank of followers. Buying a lot of followers in a quick period of time might be a clear sign that your account is full of bots, which may send an alert to Instagram and this may result in your account taken as spam.

You run the risk of having your account deactivated by Instagram without prior notice because when you buy followers on Instagram you violate Instagram’s policies.

However, one of the things that I like to highlight the most is that when you buy Instagram followers, these are not real users. They’re not real followers. You won’t get a genuine exchange of ideas, they won’t buy your products (if you have an online store), and they won’t offer you financial or social benefits (If you’re an influencer).

So it’s practically like having some adornment on your Instagram account.

Of course, there’s another important downside! Since these followers are NOT real, the number of interactions with your audience (likes and comments) won’t match the number of followers you actually have. This affects your edge rank, which is Instagram’s algorithm to decide if your posts appear on your follower’s feed.

So having a lot of fake followers equals less and fewer likes and views. This is why there are a lot of accounts with a huge audience and almost no interactions.

How to grow your follower count the right way

The 1st Way – Grow it slowly

So what can you do if you want your account to grow in real numbers so you can achieve success?

There are many ways of doing this: the main way is to be a little patient. Real success in social media does not happen overnight.

In addition, you have to devise an adequate content marketing strategy that catches your users and makes them follow you because they like what you post.

Once you have some solid content, you can use several techniques to multiply the number of your followers. Some of these techniques we have mentioned before.

  • Allying with Micro Influencers
  • Getting Featured on Crowdsourcing Accounts.
  • Running Insta-Contests
  • Using hardcore hashtag strategies

Now, perhaps you’re thinking: ‘Okay all this sounds good, but… I don’t have the time! Can I do this without so much time and effort?

The good news is that yes, you can.

Keep reading.

What can you do if you want your account to grow but you don’t have the time to manage it?

The 2nd Way – Grow it fast with a growth service

There’s no such thing as buying ‘real followers’ on Instagram. They’re always bots.

The ideal thing would be to follow users, interact with potential clients, and give likes to other users’ posts.

Interaction, interaction, interaction.

Now, you can delegate these important tasks to the experts.

We at Riotly Social Media provide the service to grow your Instagram organically by engaging with real users (You can take a 6-day free trial here). That way, you’re only in charge of posting your content, and, for a very low cost, we will be in charge of following users, giving likes, sending direct messages, and interacting with real users in order to make them your followers.

Rated with 8.6 out of 10 in Trustpilot, we have the confidence to provide you the above standard Instagram growth and award-winning customer service when you have any questions. Get started with your 6-day free trial now.

Final thoughts

buy instagram followersBuying followers on Instagram requires a financial investment which in the long term won’t generate any return on your capital.

Buying followers on Instagram is merely filling your account with fake followers.

Real Instagram followers, although more difficult to get, create a virtual community which can provide you with real and concrete benefits in the long term.

In this way, on Instagram, instead of buying followers, it’s better to focus on interactions as a way to quickly attract real followers to your account. You can experience the influx of real users by trying our 6-day growth service.

Know your audience. Interact with them. Give them what they want, and then relax so you can see how success comes naturally.