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6 Alternatives That Put Instagress To Shame - Riotly Social Media

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You probably just read the words “Sorry, but our web-service is closed” and are now looking for an Instagress alternative.

If you were a loyal customer to their service, we understand that you might be devastated, wondering how you can possibly perform the same functions without their assistance again.

Let us give you some peace of mind by letting you know that it’s possible and we’ll show you how to achieve the same results, plus a 6-day free trial.


There are plenty of Instagress alternatives that do the same thing. What’s difficult is managing the most challenging trade-off: human touch vs. time. While all of these platforms provide fast-track growth metrics such as the automated following, they still require quite a large amount of your own personal involvement. Maybe you’ll love it; maybe you’ll realize that you’d prefer an agency service (which we will elaborate on below).

Instagress Review

Why – out of all Instagram tools – was Instagress banned?

In short: bots.

One of the major ways that Instagress forged high levels of engagement and growth was by generating random interactions that were not meaningful or useful. This obviously violated Instagram’s Terms of Use and rendered the service inappropriate.

What we take from this situation is to never use bots. Do not risk using Instagram bots to forge engagement.

When it comes to Instagress replacements, beware of platforms that are similar to Instagress. The following suggestions have been cleared!

manual tools similar to Instagress logos

  1. Hootsuite: This platform provides a wide range of services such as post planning, account searching and comprehensive reporting. You can only search through hashtags and not locations, however. Their basic plan is USD$19 per month.
  2. Sprout Social: They’re not limited to Instagram and also incorporate elements of customer relationship management. Their plans start at USD$99 per month.
  3. Agorapulse: They provide Instagram monitoring by locations and hashtags. A ‘solo’ plan start at USD$49 per month.

These three tools are all considered ‘manual’ platforms, meaning that none of their functions are performed automatically. They are instead used for monitoring and consolidation purposes. This comes with its own set of pros and cons:


Pros Cons
  • No chance of your account getting blocked
  • Easier to avoid fake accounts
  • Increased human touch which can generate deeper relationships
  • Solid customer service
  • No immediate results
  • Require constant attention and time
  • Require a certain level of marketing analytics knowledge to use

For the above reasons, there are also automatic platforms that can be considered. These are applications that allow programmed interactions, albeit at a slightly lower limit than Instagress offered. These platforms are more similar to Instagress so you should use them at your own risk.

  1. Instamacro: This tool allows you to follow 3 to 5 accounts per minute based on parameters that you pre-set. Unfortunately, they do not provide customer service.
  2. instato.io: This platform can be quite closely compared to Instagress; they have many of the same functions.

They also come with their own set of pros and cons:


Pros Cons
  • guarantees rapid growth
  • hands-off approach
  • requires less technical knowledge about social media growth
  • still have to conduct market research to target the right customers
  • run the chance of account being blocked
  • increased chance of interacting with fake accounts
  • interaction is obviously less human/organic

What we see from these two types of Instagress replacements is that there is no such thing as a perfect tool. While the manual tools provide the necessary human touch to marketing, they fail to offer the rapid growth metrics that automatic tools do. At the same time, automatic tools don’t provide the safety and stability of manual tools.

So what we propose is a service-based platform instead.

Instagress Alternatives comparison table


This is what we provide at Riotly Social Media. We understand better than anyone else that it can be super annoying to manually program each interaction, or worry about bots, or identify every hashtag that is relevant, or increase the percentage of engaging users…

So we do it for you.

We analyze and capture your target market; we help you grow following; we engage with your followers; we maintain your follower-to-following ratio.

Our prices start at USD$50 per month, with more comprehensive plans and extensions that can be discussed to fit each business. If you’re interested in seeing what we’re about, give our 6-day free trial a shot. If you find you need adjustments at any time, our award-winning customer happiness team is always willing to help you troubleshoot. 

Rated at 8.6 out of 10 in Trustpilot, we do have the confidence to help you gain satisfying numbers of real followers and achieve your Instagram goal.

Instagram is a vital part of your social media strategy. It’s up to you to make the best decisions for your growth and brand image.