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How to Write the Best Instagram Bio: Top 10 Tips for Success

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Knowing how to write the best Instagram bio is essential for getting followers. In the social media world, your Instagram bio defines who you are as a person. It sets the stage for what people can expect when following you.

Essentially, your Instagram bio is your chance to make a good first impression in the IG community. And don’t forget, your Instagram username is just as important.

(Check out our article on how to create the perfect Instagram username here).

The best Instagram bio can make a user click “Follow” without even thinking twice. How do you do it? With these top 10 Instagram bio tips!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to write a good Instagram bio. 

Best Instagram Bio Tips

Instagram Bio Tip #1: Introduce Yourself

The best Instagram bios always include a brief description of who you are as a person or brand. There are several different formats and ideas for how to do this, so let’s go over a few.

A good Instagram bio idea is to write the top words that describe you in a line, separated by forward slashes. This is a popular method of quickly introducing yourself to your fans. For an example of what this looks like, check out @omarregan’s Instagram bio.

Best Instagram Bios

@omarregan, courtesy of Instagram

This Instagram bio idea is great because it only takes up one line and very clearly describes you as a brand. In the example above, @omarregan uses this method to describe himself as “Comedian/Actor/Writer/Director.”

Pro Tip

In this case, @omarregan’s brand is very diverse. If you’re known for wearing many different hats (like he is) consider putting what you’re known for or are most passionate about first.

For example, if you’re primarily an actor who also likes to direct and write, put “actor” in the forefront of your description. (Actor/Director/Writer)

Instagram Bio Tip #2: Create a Call To Action

If you are a business or brand on Instagram, consider creating a call-to-action in your Instagram bio. Including a question in the description is great for getting users interested in your service or product.

Take a look at how we’ve used a question in Riotly Social Media’s Instagram bio to get users interested in learning more about our company:

How to write the best instagram bio

@riotlysocialmedia, courtesy of Instagram

Pro Tip

For businesses, the best Instagram bios will include a short sentence describing clearly what your business does. See Riotly’s Instagram bio in the photo above for ideas.

Instagram Bio Tip #3: Define What Makes You Unique

For individuals and influencers, a good Instagram bio idea is to include descriptive phrases that help you connect with your followers on a personal level.

As an influencer, you want to reach a particular audience that will identify with you as a brand. What makes you unique? What is special about you that will make people want to follow you?

Let’s take a look at an example of what I mean. Aurora McCausland is an influencer based in Utah. Her Instagram bio is fun and relatable:

Cool IG bio ideas

@auroramccausland, courtesy of Instagram

Including little tidbits of information like “Always drinking coffee” help describe your personality on a relatable level. Plus, it helps other users identify with you.

Instagram Bio Tip #4: Include a Link

Instagram allows every user to include one link in their Instagram bio. Make it count! If you have a website, link to it! Instagram’s “link in bio” feature is a great way to promote your brand’s website or blog.

I do this all the time for Riotly Social Media. Anytime I want to share a new blog post with our readers, I’ll post a picture of it on Instagram. I describe what the new article is about, how it can help our readers, and let them know how they can find it on our website.

Take a look: Instagram Bio Tips

Since you can’t post links in actual Instagram posts, a great option is to link to a larger page on your site in your Instagram bio. Here, I’m letting people know that they can read this article, and all my other new blog posts by clicking the link in our bio on our Instagram profile page.

Instagram Bio Tip #5: List your other Social Media Accounts

Let’s look at Aurora McCausland’s Instagram bio again. Notice that she lists her Twitter handle in her Instagram Bio:

Cool IG bio ideas

@auroramccausland, courtesy of Instagram

This is a really good Instagram bio idea. The best Instagram bios will let users know where else they can follow you on social media. This is a great way to increase your following across multiple platforms.

Pro Tip

If you have multiple different social media accounts, add them all! You don’t have to limit yourself to listing only one!

Instagram Bio Tip #6: Use Emojis

Emojis are a great way to add some flair to your Instagram bio. They can also be used to describe your brand visually, instead of with words. @ily.memess is a great example of how you can add emojis to create flair and make your Instagram bio look pretty:

Instagram Bio Ideas

@ily.memess, courtesy of Instagram

Pro Tip

Instagram bio emojis are also great when you have limited characters to work with, and a lot to say. Use them to spruce up your bio or even replace words with images!

Instagram Bio Tip #7: Instagram Bio Quotes

Instagram bio quotes are a unique and artful way to connect with your followers. Take a look at @everchanginghorizon’s Instagram bio:

Instagram Bio Quote

@everchanginghorizon, courtesy of Instagram

Quin doesn’t necessarily give a lot of information about who he is in this bio, but he does succeed in creating a lot of intrigue around his profile.

The quote he includes is incredibly powerful, relatable, and inspiring. A quote like this one can easily evoke an emotional response from other IG users. Plus, it’ll definitely make people want to follow him to see more.

Pro Tip

Reaching others on an emotional level is a very effective way of connecting with other IG users (and growing followers as a result). Focus on staying authentic and genuine!

Instagram Bio Tip #8: Encourage People to Search for You Outside of Instagram

In some cases, you might be trying to grow your brand outside of Instagram as well. For example, perhaps you’re trying to promote a TV show you’re in, or get more views and subscribers on Youtube.

A great Instagram bio idea is to list other accomplishments and projects you’re currently involved in. Media mentions are also great to include. Take a look at Meagan Martin’s Instagram bio:

Instagram Bio Ideas


Meagan Martin is a superstar in a lot of different disciplines, including being a generally amazing human being.

I first became aware of Meagan through her accomplishments in the climbing community. Since then, her success on American Ninja Warrior and her modeling career with Athleta have catapulted her into stardom.

So, what makes her bio one of the best Instagram bios out there? A long list of accomplishments. She includes her title as an American Ninja Warrior, a Model, and a future competitor on the US Climbing Team in the next Olympics.

While she documents a lot of these accomplishments on her Instagram, a much larger portion of her media coverage is outside of IG. By listing each accomplishment on her Instagram bio, she’s sparking the curiosity of Instagram users.

Effectively, Meagan is using her Instagram bio to encourage users to search for her outside of Instagram. This is a great tip for growing your brand’s presence all across the web.

Pro Tip

If you’re an influencer trying to get sponsored, include accomplishments or media mentions that build your reputation. This will help sponsors see you as an expert and professional in your field, making them more likely to work with you.

Instagram Bio Tip #9: Promote a New Product/Drive Awareness

One of the best Instagram bio ideas is to utilize the Instagram bio link to promote a product.

Let’s say your company is just about to release a new product to the public. Or perhaps, you’re about to launch a new ad campaign and need views.

You can post about the new product or campaign in stories, posts or Instagram ads. From there, you can direct users to your Instagram bio where you’ve included a special link to follow.

Let’s look at an example:

Jimmy Chin, an incredible photographer, filmmaker, and all-around awe-inspiring human being, is known for many different projects.

His incredible film Meru brought me (and everyone else in the climbing community) to tears. His most recent project, Free Solo, has reached an incredible $12.6 million in box office revenue.

As you can see, he uses the Instagram bio link as an opportunity to promote his new movie, Free Solo (which you should definitely go see).

Instagram Bio Ideas

@jimmy_chin, courtesy of Instagram

This is a great way to drive targeted awareness, sales and engagement as a brand.

Pro Tip

This Instagram bio idea can also be used to push promotional deals and drive sales. Try creating an Instagram contest with your bio link to drive traffic to your site.

Instagram Bio Tip #10: Add an Instagram Bio Space

A great Instagram bio idea is to add spaces between sentences. This keeps your Instagram bio looking neat and tidy. Keep in mind though, Instagram Bio spaces don’t work if you have a lot of information in your bio.

For example, take a look at Jimmy Chin’s Instagram bio again:

Instagram Bio Ideas

@jimmy_chin, courtesy of Instagram

Due to a large number of partnerships, affiliations, and titles, Instagram bio spaces would not work very well.

His use of two forward slashes between each word, however, is a great way to include a lot of information while keeping your Instagram bio looking clean.

An example of using Instagram bio spaces:

Let’s look back at Aurora McCausland’s bio once again. She has just enough information where Instagram bio spaces work super well, making her IG bio look clean and simple. So, how do you do it?

Cool IG bio ideas

@auroramccausland, courtesy of Instagram

Creating spaces between sentences in your Instagram bio is quite simple. Go to your Instagram profile page and click the “Edit Profile” button, located to the right of your IG photo.

Once here, click where it says “Bio.”Best Instagram BiosBest Instagram BiosBest Instagram BiosOn an iPhone, click the “123” button to change the “#” button in the lower right-hand corner to “Return.” button.

Note: This may not be necessary on Android phones. On Google phones, the return key stays the same.

That’s it! No need to do any fancy editing to clean up your Instagram bio. Simply hitting “Return” on your keyboard will create a new line break in your bio.

Final Thoughts

In a market as oversaturated and competitive as Instagram, we only get one shot to make a lasting impression. How do you know if you have written the best Instagram bio for your page?

Read over your Instagram bio a couple of times. Ask yourself, does this really capture who I am? Am I representing my brand the way I want to?

Make sure that you are 100% happy before moving on. Remember, if you only have one chance to make a good impression, don’t waste it by not spending enough time on your Instagram bio.

If you found our 10 Best Instagram Tips useful, but need more advice on growing your Instagram, we can help!

Riotly Social Media is an organic Instagram growth service. We’re not a tool or a third party app, we’re a team of people dedicated to connecting quality brands on Instagram to their target audience. Chat with us today to see how we can help you grow your Instagram account, or start with our Free 6-Day Trial

For more information on what we do, take a look at this article. To learn about the Riotly family, check out our “About Us” page. And don’t forget, we’re here to chat with you if you have any questions.

Happy Instagramming Everyone!