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Want to be a Top Influencer? 6 Tips from Top Micro-Influencers on how to Engage with Fans - Riotly Social Media

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If you have been keeping up with my articles then it’s safe to say you already know about this new trend on Instagram called – micro-influencers.

These are individuals who don’t necessarily have a huge following on social media; somewhere in between 1000 to 100,000  Instagram followers but are extremely effective in influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers typically have a low follower count but their engagement rates are usually 3% higher than the usual celebrity influencers.

To gain more insight into how these micro-influencers manage to retain such high engagement rates, read below about 6 of them who we think you should follow closely for tips.

We decided to choose micro-influencers from different genres to give you an all-rounded view of ways they continue to succeed.


Beauty – Grace Abbott @agraceabbott

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers


She is a beauty expert on Instagram with a fan following of 10K.

Although she qualifies as a micro-influencer her engagement level is quite high.

On any given photo that she posts on to Instagram, there are hundreds of likes and at least a couple comments below the caption.

Her beauty related posts have the highest number of likes and are filled with several comments, which shows that her audience highly relies on her beauty advice.

A take away tip from Grace is to be an expert in your field.

As mentioned in my previous blog post – How to become a micro-influencer, the best way to gain more loyal Instagram followers is by choosing a niche market and being knowledgeable about it.

Be authentic in your posts, talk about things you are truly passionate about so that your viewers can see and feel your genuine self through your images.

For instance; Grace is all into natural and organic beauty products therefore that is her niche market within the beauty market.

The majority of her followers seem to really care about green beauty products as well which is why her engagement rate is high.


Women’s Fashion – Chandler Nehrt @candidlychan

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers

Moving on to fashion, one such micro-influencer who is on top of her game is Chandler Nehrt.

She is a fashion blogger with a modest followership of 19.4K at the moment.

By first glance you can tell that her Instagram feed has an amazing theme going on and it’s definitely intentional.

When you look at her photos all together you will notice a palette of dark hues, almost as if the contrast was set on high with a subtle hint of vibrant colors such as red, coral, white and blue.

This makes her photos look visually appealing and it also makes the viewer’s eyes focus on the object in the image.

What you can learn from Chandler is that in order to attract new Instagram followers and to retain existing ones, one must have an attractive Instagram account.

The photographs must be clear, focused and soothing to the eyes of the viewer.

If you click on her images individually, you will notice that each photo has at least a 1000 likes and a couple dozen comments, which is a pretty good engagement ratio compared to the number of followers she has.


Men’s Fashion – Joey London @joeylondonstyle

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers


Another such fashion influencer is Joey London who specializes in men’s wear.

For all the men reading this article right now, wondering if there is any hope for male influencers, here is proof that yes there is tons of scope and yes you can succeed.

Joey has a fantastic following of nearly 37K and he is extremely passionate about fashion and fitness.

Joey has proven that one of the best ways to engage with followers is through constant interaction.

A lot of the time, instead of giving advice, Joey asks his Instagram followers for recommendations, such as;

How does this shirt look on me? Is it a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’?
What color should I do my hair next? Comment below.

This is a simple yet effective way to get the conversation going.

By asking questions you make the viewer feel inclusive in your decision making.

When followers feel like their words matter, it makes them want to comment more and share ideas.

So the best tip to take away from Joey is to consistently ask questions and give your audience a chance to speak.


Food – Sarah @thecuttingveg

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers


Sarah is a foodie micro-influencer on Instagram with 58K followers and a fabulous feed.

The images she posts all have vibrant colors and the food looks delicious.

When you photograph anything well, that itself makes the viewer want to know more about it.

On most of her posts, people ask Sarah what ingredients did she use?

How did the hummus color turn out so red?

And she takes the time to answer everyone’s questions which is another key tip, always try to reply back to comments by tagging the person who asked the question.

This adds a touch of intimacy and friendliness to your response.

Another great trick that Sarah uses is consistency in her posts.

She will post pictures 2 to 3 times in a day, every day of the week.

Posting constantly (within a limit) makes your photos appear in your Instagram followers’ news feed repeatedly, and the more they see your images pop up, the more likelihood of them liking and or commenting.

One thing to keep in mind is not to post just anything, make sure each post has a meaningful purpose behind it.

Take Sarah’s posts for instance, because it is a food blog, it makes sense to post photos of 3 meals in a day that she eats (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


Fitness – Zehra Alibhai @Zallibhai

tips to learn from micro-influencers how to engage with instagram followers


Zehra is a certified trainer and a fitness expert with a fan following of 55K.

Her way of staying connected to her Instagram followers is pretty unique but very effective.

Instagram Story is a fairly new feature introduced by Instagram.

It allows users to post short videos and photos from their daily lives, the catch? – These stories disappear after 24 hours.

For something that isn’t going to last forever, you want to make it worth it for the viewers.

Zehra does just that.

She uses Insta-story to post daily workout videos, how to recipes of her favorite energy drink, school lunch ideas, etc.

This is a very effective way to engage with followers on Instagram.

The way it works is, every time you post an Insta-story, it appears on the top of your Instagram account, and the more you post the higher your story ranks in the Instagram algorithm which means more people will view it.


Lifestyle – Cyndi Ramirez @cyndiramirez

6 tips to learn from instagram micro-influencers


A lifestyle blogger is someone who uses their daily activities and personal interests to draw inspiration to create meaningful content.

Cyndi is one such influencer with 22K Instagram followers who posts about things she likes to do every day such as shopping, eating, going out with friends and travelling.

She creates a sense of openness with her audience by discussing matters relating to her marriage, friends and family.

This might by a strategy that can work for you if you are comfortable in sharing everything about your life with your followers.

Certainly there are limits of what you should and can share on social media, but the more you disclose the more genuine you seem and followers tend to like when they choose to follow any influencer.


So these were the 6 Instagram micro-influencers that we think you should definitely follow to gain some insider tips on how to be successful at becoming a micro-influencer.

We hope you enjoyed reading and can take away some valuable information from here.