According to popular belief, the best time to post on Instagram is on a weekday at 5 pm. But think about it…not every business has the same work hours, right? Ever wondered how this universal “best time to post on Instagram” could apply to every business? More importantly, does it even apply to your business?

We’ve found that different industries have their own, specific optimal times to post. So, if you really want to optimize your Instagram engagement, you have to take into account your industry’s customers, personas, activities, and behavior in order to have an impact.

#Besttimetopost on Instagram (EST-US) Generator 

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Best Day to Post: Wednesday

Best Hour to Post: 2:00 PM

We know how important is it for a business to find its “right time to post” on Instagram.  It is the prime time for each business to get the maximum likes, engagement and ultimately the maximum conversions it possibly can. We have devised a tool which provides a unique time and day for over 65 industries by gathering data from a study comprised of over 17.5 million social media posts and 17737 brands. The engagement rate was derived by assessing how many interactions took place for every 1000 followers for each post. To use this tool, just select the name of your industry from the drop-down menu, and give your business a head start!  Now that you have the best time to post on Instagram for your particular industry, take your business a step further. Check out how to find the best time to post on Instagram for your particular brand as well!